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Partnering up with a local supplier Mama Made to bring you her breastfeeding necklaces. MamaMade Breastfeeding and Nursing is something very special to Nicole's heart and born out of her own breastfeeding journey.


As babies grow and develop they become more alert of their surroundings. This can in turn:

  • Lead to distraction
  • Impact the effectiveness of feeding
  • Potentially impact sleep because baby isn’t full from feeds  


Using a breastfeeding/nursing necklace can help babies stay alert and focused while feeding. Some other benefits include:

  • Necklaces act as a form of stimulation as baby can explore next textures, colours and movement
  • It can help develop fine motor skills by acting as a toy
  • Baby can learn ‘cause and effect’ so when they touch the necklace it moves
  • It redirects distracted babies who are very alert (along with other things such as dark room, quietness etc)
  • Necklaces help babies with busy hands or those who potentially pull and pinch moms skin


But these are not just for breastfeeding moms. It can be used by moms feeding my bottle or with formula as it will still help with all of the above.


Will be available in a variety of colours. Please note, colours may vary from computer sceen. 

MamaMade Feeding Necklaces

  • These beads are 100% Food Grade Silicone - 100% Non-toxic, tasteless and odourless - BPA Free - Lead Free - PVC Free - Mercury Free - Phthalates Free - Cadmium Free


    • Beach Wood
    • Satin Cord
    • Food Grade Silicone

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